Avdelidis, Nicolas P.

Personal Information:

Position: Professor

nicoNicolas P. Avdelidis is a Ph.D. graduate of the Materials Science and Engineering Department, NTUA, owner also of an M.Sc. in Materials Engineering, University of Sunderland, UK, and an M.Sc. in "Protection of Monuments: Interventions Materials and Techniques" of NTUA. From 2008, he is an Associate Professor (visiting status) at Universite Laval, Quebec, Canada for NDT & Non Invasive Imaging of Materials & Structures and he was also an Associate Professor at Cranfield University, UK in Autonomous Systems Sensing between 2017-2018. His scientific area of expertise is in NDT & E for the characterization of materials and structures and sensor technology, concentrated also on developing a thorough, internationally recognized, understanding of imaging characteristics mostly for thermal NDT. He has a publications list of more than 150 research papers in scientific journals, books, and conference proceedings.



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